Abukass Amber

Abu Kass has been the leading brand of basmati rice in the Saudi market since 1958. And at the end of 2021, it launched its new line of basmati rice “Abu Kass Amber” in the local markets - recognising the needs and desires of their consumers by providing them with more variety of premium rice products. The launch of the product was accompanied by a huge and successful promotional across various social media platforms.

The launch of "Abu Kass Amber" is a new addition aimed at expanding the presence of the "Abu Kass" brand… reaching new consumers and meeting the needs of all customer groups. It also contributes to enriching the local market by offering more exclusive rice products that combine delicious taste with a high nutritional value.

The new product is available in two sizes, 5kg and 10kg. And is classified as a premium Indian white basmati rice, characterized for its superior quality. It’s easy to cook and produces a delicious flavor, fine aroma, and delicately light texture. it’s suitable for all tastes and is the perfect accompaniment with many Arabic and international dishes.

The product is available in all retail markets, supermarkets and food stores across the Kingdom at affordable price. Plus is stocked by major online stores such as Noon Daily, Amazon, Nana, and others.

The company is already making plans to produce additional types of high-quality rice, which will be available in different packaging and sizes… and will include all the high-quality features that are synonymous with "Abu Kass" rice products.

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