About Abu Kass

Our Story

Many years have passed since our story began in 1958. During this time, we have continually strived to build a strong and trusting relationship with you, our customers…who inspire us to always exceed your expectations.

Just as we were, from the very beginning, we will continue to deliver on flavor, quality and promise to remain true to maintaining the delicious taste and nutritional value you deserve, generation after generation…


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"Behind the quality and unique taste… is a long story of careful attention that starts from the most fertile plains of India’s agricultural lands and fields… passing through the hands of experts who pay particular attention to the rice grains, grain by grain… So that it reaches you with the most delicious taste and the finest quality…therefore… There is rice… and there is Abu Kass…"

About Basmati

Basmati is a long grain aromatic rice grown for many centuries in a specific geographical area, at the Himalayan foothills of the Indian
sub-continent. The rice is blessed with characteristics of extra- long slender grains that swell to at least twice their original size after cooking. The rice is renowned for its soft and fluffy texture, delicious taste, superior aroma and distinct flavor. Basmati rice is unique among other rice varieties.

With unique agro-climatic conditions, a fertile geographical area, and cautious care at every stage of cultivation and harvesting, Abukass rice is produced with pearl-like grains capable of turning any meal into a real pleasure.

Our Mission

To maintain our leadership in the rice category, through the quality of our products, the efficiency of our distribution and the loyalty of our customers.

Abu Kass Quality standards

Behind the quality and unique taste… is a long story of careful attention that starts from the most fertile plains of India’s agricultural lands and fields… passing through several stages… … From harvest and through our specialized office and labs based in the heart of India’s most fertile fields. More than 100 of our experts, all specialists in basmati rice, follow all the stages of cultivation and production until it reaches us in the highest quality possible…

  • Soil and water lab tests to ensure its suitable to produce the best yield of Basmati Rice.
  • Co-operating with farmers and directing them in procuring the best seeds.
  • Educating farmers about the best practices of pest control in accordance with the standards of the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Monitor the growth of the crop in the first 12 weeks and ensure the health and quality of the crop
  • Follow up the harvesting process and guide farmers in using the best possible techniques.
  • Identifying the crops, with the highest quality, that meet our quality standards.
  • Taking samples and checking them continuously during each and every stage of production to ensure conformity.
  • Use the best state of the art rice mills, who are required to be certified by ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP food safety standards.
  • Update mills periodically to raise their efficiency and the efficiency of their equipment.
  • Milling the rice is done in a completely automated manner without any manual contact.
  • Rice is packed in the finest quality Jute bags which is the ideal package to store basmati rice.
  • The rice is aged in the best appropriate conditions for a period, of not less than 8 months, until the rice grains are aged to the perfection.

This long journey results in only the finest grains of rice, with unparalleled cooking quality, unique flavour and the highest nutritional value… So, the length and size of the grain doubles after cooking… and therefore…

There is rice … and there is Abu Kass rice.

Our Vision

Providing high quality products that customers love and more than meets their expectations.

Our Values


We promise our customers and ourselves that quality is our ultimate goal and that we strive to meet the highest standards.


To make a dedicated effort to our customers, distributors, partners, and to always provide a superior and professional service.


We love what we do and take pride in providing the ultimate taste and the finest nutritional value.


Commitment to integrity, fairness, and trust in all our relationships.


To exceed our goals of product excellence by continuous product improvements, and refinements.

Growth through Innovation

An ongoing commitment to growth, development and innovation in all aspects of our work. And maximize the growth and development potential of our employees.

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